7 Types of Gamblers

Gambling is a recreational hobby that people usually develop either due to some exposure to games with friends or just out of curiosity of their own through movies. Every now and then, people take up risks in their lives to expect something in return, which is nothing less than a gamble. But, this can be seen in real action in the casinos where the typical gamblers assemble to bet money in the hope of winning more money. However, not all gamblers are the same. Every gambler holds a personality that can be judges based on these categorized characteristics.

Casual social gamblers

Casual social gamblers are usually the rich and successful youngsters who have accomplished enough to treat themselves with a pub or a casino trip during the weekend. Their bigger agenda behind going to a casino is to socialize, have free drinks, and make new friends, rather than worrying about making money.

Casual social gamblers

Serious social gamblers

Those social gamblers who slowly start developing an interest in gambling become serious gamblers. It becomes their primary source of entertainment. This stage can either make them a professional or turn them into problem gamblers as their developing interest can have a great effect on their mental being.

Escape gamblers

You can also find the gamblers who see gambling in the same light as alcohol or drugs. Although gambling is not everything to them, they use it to escape from their depression and their personal life. Even though escape gamblers have similar traits of a compulsive gambler, they can recover from problem gambling as soon as they cure their depression.

Escape gamblers

Personality gamblers

This group of gamblers does not have any interest in making new friends, and their only concern is winning money by hook or crook. They may make illegal bets, cheat during the game, and may even blame their opponents for things that can give them an advantage. Their behavior is considered trauma to others due to their manipulative, deceitful, impulsive, aggressive, and irritating behavior.

Conservative gamblers

Conservative gamblers are not the true gamblers and are just in the casino to have an experience. They are usually inspired by movies and tournaments and want to give it a shot. They are not scared to face a loss as they may not even give the casino a try more than a time or two. Conservative gamblers usually travel to casinos during their holidays to complete their bucket list.

Conservative gamblers

Professional gamblers

Professional gamblers are the rarest type of gamblers that you will find in a casino. They gamble as their primary profession and have the right strategies to control their money. It requires patience, discipline, tilt control, intelligence, and money management to become a professional gambler.

Compulsive gambler

If you are not improving yourself in gambling towards learning the pro habits, you are on the opposite path of becoming a compulsive gambler. Compulsive gambler suffers from problem gambling. They spend too much time and money on gambling and even take debts to play the games. Their attempts to stop gambling fail from time to time as they constantly chase their losses to find themselves in a deeper swamp of debt and problem gambling.

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